Boris Galbshtein

Marketing Manager | Creative Director

Before stepping foot into the real estate world, Boris spent nearly 2 decades as an entrepreneur, creative director, marketing manager and social media Influencer in the fashion, film and music industry.

His combined skillset led him to start 3 globally successful fashion brands. His work has been featured in a variety of magazines, television programs and worn by celebrities such as The Kardashians, Demi Lovato, Tyga, Russell Brand and Bam Margera to name a few.

After moving back to the Bay Area, Boris made a name for himself in the Real Estate world by taking his vast experience and blending it into Real Estate to create a uniquely eye-catching and successfully strategic, marketing experience. All while masterfully incorporating the traditional standards of the Real Estate industry.

Growing up working at his dad’s now-defunct engraving shop (Quality Engraving on Castro St. in Downtown Mountain View, for you locals that may have worked with his Dad) and being trained in the arts, Boris values the importance of having a hands on approach. He takes on projects that would normally be outsourced (filmmaking, photography and design) upon himself, to ensure each property is portrayed to a golden standard.

To Boris each home has its own soul and he brings it to life through a highly praised visual interpretation that captures the hearts of perfectly targeted viewers. Simply put, he is the Chuck Woolery of the Real Estate world.