Nico Gran

Project Manager

Nico holds a Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Secondary Education. As a licensed Events Manager and Tour Guide, he brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With experience as an executive assistant to a C-Level CEO, Nico has demonstrated proficiency in managing calendars, handling inboxes, coordinating events, conducting research, providing meeting support, and managing recruitment processes.

His skill set was further enhanced by a comprehensive training program at Magic, where he developed advanced capabilities in proactive problem-solving, effective communication, and client service excellence. Over his 7-year career in contact center/customer service and Business Process Outsourcing, Nico has consistently showcased dedication and excellence. He also spent 2 years as a highly effective Executive Assistant, excelling in his role.

By leveraging this extensive experience in the real estate world, Nico has established himself as a powerhouse, ensuring that every real estate project remains on track and providing clients with a seamless, smooth experience.